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Why choose Traveling Seed?

The right qualifications

The roots of our passion for trees run deep. Our founder, Matthew Wishart, fell in love with tree care when he was still a child, watching his father climb poles to work on lines.


Today he has 15 years’ experience, including as a trainer for AborCulture Canada, and is the current president of the International Society of Aboriculture (ISA) Atlantic chapter.

Our team of eight are all:
  • Certified arborists – for your trees’ health

  • Certified tree workers – for our safety and yours

  • Experts in trees native to New Brunswick, local growing conditions, and invasive species

The right attitude

Not to cast shade on cutting, but the chainsaw is our last resort.

We work to save the tree first, and remove only if absolutely necessary. If we do have to remove a tree, we like to plant a new one to enhance the property. And we don’t leave a mess behind.


Did you know?

Tree roots don’t cause cracks in your foundation or break your pipes. But they are good at finding those breaks and often get the blame (unfairly).​

Trees help lower your heating and cooling costs by providing protection against the sun and wind, and also buffer noise.

Trees improve the air quality around your home, and increase your property value.

Trees are home to birds and other forms of wildlife.

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